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Increase website traffic by X% by .The end of the quarter Increasing the number of people accessing a . Website, a blog, or a product or service page is one of the most . The monthly common OKRs because it is a relatively simple objective to achieve with a Digital Marketing strategy . Just look: Objective (O): Increase website traffic by X% by the end of the quarter; Key Result (KR) 1: Increase organic traffic by X% through SEO strategies ; KR 2: Increase referral traffic by X% through strategic partnerships; KR 3: Increase paid traffic by X% through target ad campaigns .

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Covering different areas of performance.  And focusing on the analysis of specific subgoals within these areas. That said, you can use the OKR methodology to . Devise all the metrics to be influenc when applying a Digital Marketing strategy from scratch! This is done: Starting special data from the visualization of the . Objective achiev (the success achiev); Going through all the steps that prece this Result and that are fundamental for it to become a reality.

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Tip: The importance of paid and organic traffic for your e-commerce 2. Improve website conversion rate by X% by the end of the quarter . Another popular OKR is this. Which aims to increase the number of visitors being transform into leads or customers on a digital platform (be it a store. An application, or any other type of virtual space and service). O: Improve website conversion rate by X% by the end of the quarter; KR 1: Optimize the homepage to increase the conversion rate by X%; KR 2: Implement A/B tests on key pages to identify improvements with a significant Mailing Lead impact; KR 3: Personalize user experience bas on behavior to increase conversion rate by X%.

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