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How is the sectoral Can I still send email marketing campaigns to my existing contact lists. The GDPR not only applies to data collect since its application date. May but also to data collect previously. Having consent to use your existing contact lists shows. That you are already well on your way to having clear permission to send email marketing campaigns. Any ambiguous contact would mean obtaining new and express consent. In order to correctly send marketing communications via email. Can I purchase contact lists since the GDPR comes into force? We start from the assumption that the GDPR prohibits sending emails to anyone who has never ask to be contact.

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Some lists purchas with a clear affirmative statement of consent may be us under the GDPR. Adv Mia Lab strongly recommends that you do not use this practice. What is legally permitt may not be web designs and development service effective for your marketing strategy. How can I profile my contacts with the GDPR and send personaliz and segment emails? Profiling is defin by more than just the collection of personal data, it is the use of that data relating to the individual. Data profiling is permitt by GDPR but there are some requirements that must be respect to guarantee the rights of the data subjects.

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To be forgotten To be inform Have erasable data. A copy of your personal data that the company holds within one month and free of charge The right to data portability. The right to object What happens when a profiling data subject requests that profiling be stopp? Pursuant to the new regulation, upon request of the interest party it is possible to interrupt profiling. Processing must cease unless Mailing Lead the controller demonstrates that , rights and freoms of the data subject. About express consent optin and double optin The issue of consent to receive communications with the new GDPR is central for marketers.