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Excellent search is nothing stopping you from promoting this content through social media, online forums, email marketing. With these campaigns you can even reach more potential customers than just Customers who use. If you have questions about article ideas I have something else besides what I wrote to you before. Check your competitors’ blogs to see what they write about and what keywords they are using. In tools like or you’ll find a content gap tool that will show you. Which phrases your competitor’s site ranks for and yours doesn’t. This will be a ready source of inspiration for dozens or even hundreds of articles. The second method is for those who already have a customer user or reader base.

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You can ask them directly. I often ask them in emails what they would like to read about on my blog. Over the months I launched a website (here) where everyone Photo Retouching could propose a topic or vote for proposals that others had added. Excellent search Additional Thoughts on Store Content In addition to the previously mentioned content placements. There are a few places worth mentioning. Frequently Asked Questions (English) FAQ is where users’ most common questions are answered. For example, how to return a product or make a complaint about a product, how to check the status of your order.

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Whether you can buy in installments, where to find your purchase invoice, these ideas you are sure to find in your potential customers’ emails. Follow an FAQ like this not only because it allows you to add more content to your store but also to link article categories Mailing Lead or products. However this is mostly useful so users can find answers to their questions themselves without bothering you. If they still contact you all you need to do is send them a link so they don’t reply with the same content question. The tenth question. Specialized Terminology A dictionary of terms found in online stores may be rare but if you run a specialized store it may have the potential to generate traffic.