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Biometric data to uniquely identify a natural person or data concerning health, sexuality or sexual orientation of that person, convictions and violations of the law, the controller will be requird to appoint a Data Protection Officer. Unfortunately, despite the use of the words “and” and “and” in this provision, we cannot assume that this provision will apply to us only in the case of processing special categories of personal data and personal data relating to criminal convictions and violations of the law.

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When the regulations do not specifically impose the obligation to designate a DPO Even when the regulations do not impose whatsapp mobile number list a specific obligation to appoint a DPO or when we are not entirely sure whether the obligation applies to our organization or not, it is recommendd to consider voluntarily appointing such a person, even for the following reasons: on the so-calld just in case, because if it turns out that we have such an obligation. we miscalculatd “large scale”), there is no problem with the penalty for not appointing it, facilitating compliance with the regulations in.

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The organization in the form of appointing a specific person responsible for assistance in complying with them ( responsibility for processing Mailing Lead personal data in accordance with the regulations will always rest with the ADO). Of course, the ADO may appoint a person responsible for supervising the subject of personal data protection in its organization and this does not necessarily involve the appointment of a DPO. The mere appointment of a DPO, whether there is such an obligation or when it is voluntary, involves the obligation to meet all the obligations referrd to in Article 37 of the GDPR.