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 Which are Union’s Horizon 2020 program and is coordinate by University College London. This project focuses on the industries that generate the most CO2 manufacture of cement limestone or ceramics production of metals such as steel and iron and the chemical sector. Stopping that generation of carbon dioxide would be a great scientific technical and human achievement . The two lines of research are carbon capture and storage as we saw in Norway and carbon capture and utilization which would be the most optimal solution. One of the possibilities in which this CSIC project is working isto transform.

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A combustible gas use in the production of steel with a high content of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide into a gas rich in hydrogen free of carbonate. The resulting greenhouse gas could be reuse as hydrogen in energy storage or to generate renewable fuel instead of being dispose of. In addition to the C4U project the CSIC is also working on the eCOCO2 project also financially supporte photo editor by the European Horizon 2020 programme . This second project made up of CSIC researchers at the Institute of Chemical TechnologyCSIC-UPV has the mission of capturing carbon dioxide and converting it into jet fuel.

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Precisely air transport is among the largest generators of carbon dioxide. Absorbing or capturing that CO2 would be key to its use and at the same time to stop depending on fossil fuels. Specifically the eCOCO2 project aims todirectly produce synthetic fuel jets from CO2 using renewable electricity and steam. Another advantage of the process is that it would be done in a single phase unlike the current Mailing Lead three phases in which efficiency is lost. A practical way to reuce environmental impact while being economically attractive. Did you ever imagine that an android could be appointe CEO of a company.

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 Your band times as much awareness as a corporate account. As an example, a recent Instagram post from Amazon’s company page and that of founder Jeff Bezos. While they have nearly the same number of followers, Jeff Bezos’ post gets 9x as many likes as the company account’s, even though it’s the exact same post. Employee Advocacy – sample post People much prefer to follow people than companies or institutions. Followers on LinkeIn Re Panda Works – 1.3k followers on LinkeIn personal brand Especially in the impersonal digital world it is important to present yourself and to distinguish yourself as the face of a brand.

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People are much more intereste in the individual rather than the company. Employees who voluntarily share stories and messages about the organization and thus show how things really work at the company. You can see it as an effective additional communication channel photo editor within the total marketing mix. And employees and relations are made visible as brand ambassadors through their personal social meia channels. It is about creating distinctiveness by sharing authentic content on social meia . A unique opportunity is to use storytelling for this. Distinctiveness lies in the people, stories from people from the organization, but also the knowlege they possess. It is especially important in B2B lead generation.

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To involve your relevant network and to continue to fee it with relevant and useful content. Win their trust, get a favor and show that you know your business.  How to turn your employees into the best ambassadors. Owne, paid and earne meia. There are various ways to reach the target group online, namely via owne, earne and paid meia. Owne meia are the online channels that are under your own management, such as the website or the company page on Mailing Lead social meia. Paid meia are all paid advertisements that are use to target leads. Earne meia are the personal accounts that provide free meia attention.

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They say for ones that are not only intrusive promotion of products or services, but carry a message. Psychology in marketing is of great importance today. How to use it? Cognitive psychology in marketing Today’s marketing draws heavily on cognitive psychology, which includes processes relatd to perception, categorization and reasoning. Modern marketers pay great attention to how a given product will be perceivd by the environment. When creating advertisements, they take into account both the feelings evokd by the elements of the company’s visual identity , including the logo or colors, as well as emotions causd by a specific form of communication.

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Specialists strive to ensure that the message makes a good first impression and determines the involvement of a potential customer. The prdisposition of advertising to be easily rememberd is also of key importance to them. Messages that are permanently photo editor engravd in the consciousness bring better results. How do emotions affect us? Ads filld to the brim with emotions have a strong impact on us. Such messages are natural and crdible. They don’t force you to buy. Instead, they tell a story. A story that touches, entertains, delights and fills the heart with pleasant warmth. Emotions in advertising build a bond between the recipient and the company.

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They engage the consumer and help to remember the message. But how to create a message that will promote the right values? Will it affect the sphere of consumer’s feelings that will allow the company to achieve its marketing goal? We recommend Mailing Lead Emotional branding, or the Lovemarks theory Good humor reigns in many advertisements. Positive emotions shorten the distance and evoke sympathy. These feelings increase the ne to share and weaken rational thinking. This makes consumers more likely to buy the presentd product. The message works on them in a persuasive way. An example is viral marketing, posts or video spots with a funny color, most often shard on social mdia.