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In the example from the previous section: Knowing that the online store wants to sell more (the Objective) helps to define a Key Result that will say whether the Objective was a success or not; The Key Results (the numbers that indicate success in this endeavor) is a 15% increase in sales rates in 6 months . With the OKR plann, defining even more specific metrics for each department (the KPIs) becomes easy. Still in the example: A KPI to watch to ensure the success of the Key Result (which leads to the success of the Objective plann with the OKR) could be the conversion rate of a specific group of ads.

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Everything will depend on what the company nes to achieve to make a profit! Tip: Digital Marketing Metrics and Indicators: learn how to use them How does the OKR methodology benefit Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing facilitates such accurate measurements that not using them for an OKR methodology would be a waste! It is not something strictly necessary for a business to survive, but the connection between OKR and Digital Marketing can be the Latest database necessary tool to grow, rather than just survive. Digital Marketing works as an accelerator . The OKR works as the direction in which the business will accelerate.

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Without direction, it is possible to accelerate down the cliff! But without acceleration, things rely on luck (or painful impacts) to get out of place. A healthy business must have a little of both: right direction and constant spe ! Practical guide: how to choose the Best Marketing Strategies for your company OKR: examples and ideas for your next quarter I’ve list some ideas for you to consider as OKRs in the next few months of Mailing Lead your business. Note that, despite an indication talking about traffic or reach, all Objectives lead to one place: profitability ! Follow the step by step: 1.

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