What is a Blogger

Surely my father must have asked this question a million times when I told him I wanted to be a blogger, because the truth is that it is difficult to define what a blogger is, perhaps a professional who loves reading, writing and personal growth and professional. Actually a large number of professionals who start in the world of blogging do it out of passion or hobby, since not everyone who begins this journey does so from a professional perspective or as a tool or means to achieve a series of objectives.

Why does a blogger need marketing

The reason is very simple, marketing helps us connect and create relationships with other people, it helps us go further and to more corners, they are wings that allow you to cross physical barriers. On the other hand, you need to know the game rules of the different channels in order to play with your best cards. There are those who think that a blogger spends almost all their time email leads writing and that is not the case, it is as important to write as to communicate what you write, for which you must define a content strategy for your blog and design an editorial calendar.

What is a tactical plan for a Blogger

If you think that a tactical plan is to create an editorial calendar for a blog, you are very wrong. If you think that organizing the topics to publish is a guarantee that your blog will work, you are also very wrong. An essential phase in any marketing strategy is to define a tactical plan, which is to define a project plan Mailing Lead  with all the actions that you are going to carry out in each of the areas, both those of blogging itself and those that are related to other strategies such as those of SEO, Social Media or Personal Brand, for example.

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