8 Platforms to create a free blog or a free website

8 Platforms to create a free blog or a free website. Nowadays there are many platforms to create a free blog or make a free website in a few minutes, but we always get the eternal question, which one should I choose? Having a Blog is almost an essential requirement of our 2.0 curriculum, and it can open the doors to new or better professional proposals. Although it may seem incredible. we only need 12 months to go from being a totally unknown person to being a popular and relevant person in our sector.

Types of free blogs you can create

First of all I would like to explain to you the different types of blogs that exist so that you take them into account. This step is essential and is something that few people take into account when starting their blogging journey. You must know for email contact list  what purpose you want to create your blog. Depending on your objective, the content strategy for a blog varies in all its phases. So, first of all, think about what purpose you want to do it for.

Advantages of creating a free blog

If you are still thinking about whether opening a free blog is a good or bad option, I am going to tell you the advantages that I think you could benefit from. 1. It’s free. Obviously, the main advantage is that you will be able to create a blog on the internet completely free. Without costing you a euro. 2. Configuration is very simple. If you have read the beginning of the article you will have seen that it is not very complex, anyone can do it so you do not need any type of Mailing Lead knowledge. 3. You will learn day by day. The fact of having to write articles will make us consult different sources of information to validate data and with this we will be in continuous training.

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