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The technical security of our website is as important to us as it is to our users. Company address In the right place on our website, we recommend the “Contact” tab, it is worth posting data about our company, such as Company address tax identification number Phone number E-mail It is a good idea to include such information in the footer of the page as well. If we have stationary stores or the possibility of personal collection, it is good practice to put a map with the location of the store. Company address cro Source switek SSL on every page When the customer enters the website and sees the “green padlock”, he immiately trusts it more.

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This is especially important in the case of e-commerce due to online payments and personal data security. Greater trust in the website ruces the bounce rate, also causes a greater number of visits to subsequent subpages, and extends the time Job Function Email Database spent on the website. And these, in turn, have a positive impact on the position of the website in Google. “About us” tab We should make sure that the “about uscompany” tab is unique. The information on it inspires greater confidence in the business, especially if it contains interesting, concise and true information. Often, at the first contact with a given website, before making a transaction.

Job Function Email Database

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A potential customer wants to learn as much as possible about the company in which he will leave money. In this tab, we can mention our activities as a company or attach supporting photos. An interesting, and at the same time quite Mailing Lead rare, procure is to show, for example, complet works. These types of items can be plac in the “About Us” tab. about us conversion optimization Source spixel-shop Certificates and awards If our company wins competitions, regularly wins awards, but also certificates – let’s boast about it! Let’s post this information in visible places, such as footer,, Home or tab “About us.

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