The roaring 20s on social networks

2020 is coming and with it the trends in social networks, the social media trends 2020 , and so on in each area of ​​online marketing . The roaring 20s are coming to social networks , cyber-optimism, crazy years . We see it? Social media trends 2020 what are 20s? The 20s of the last 20th century were called 20s for several reasons: -it was a golden era, a few years where everything seemed possible, at a time of economic growth that seemed to have no end. -we lived better than in the decade of the 1910s, but it was only a mirage, since the shadow was hanging over humanity. Happy 20s on social media now 2020 arrives, and we open a new decade of this 21st century.

Augmented Reality Filters

What does the future hold? What trends will there be on social networks? How will social media change in the 20s? Will they also be happy for social networks? Social media and social networks trends for 2020 whatever changes come, which i will tell you now, what you have to be clear about is that social networks are the path, not the end in itself . Social media, social networks, are not going to make you sell more by themselves, but within an integrated online Gambling Email List marketing strategy , which unites social networks, your blog, your website, etc. Guide to create your online marketing strategy trend 1- facebook watch video is one of the main contents on social networks, and facebook will further boost the potential of facebook watch , a platform it created to compete in the future with netflix and youtube.

 Instagram Shopping

The roaring All videos on the platform are hosted centrally on facebook watch. Well, in 2020 facebook will promote facebook watch in part due to the growing consumption of video news within facebook. And as is the case with netflix and youtube, it will Mailing Lead facilitate its consumption from televisions in 2020. Trend 2 – social media ads social ads, or advertisements on social networks, will continue to grow in 2020, not so much to promote direct sales, but more focused on capturing the truly relevant data of the potential client: their email and/or their telephone number. That is where the strength of attracting potential customers through social networks lies .

Guide to Liveworksheets in Spanish how it works and is used in 2022

It is recommended that you enter the platform and look Guide to at all the cards and notebooks that the platform offers or try creating interactive cards so you can see how simple and easy it is. Then you send those cards to a small group of students as a test and ask them for feedback, so you see if they are receptive to this type of content and you can draw your own conclusions about what types of cards they like best. I hope that if you did not know about this tool, you will be encouraged to explore it and create more dynamic exercises for your classes in order to improve interaction with your students. Did you know Liveworksheets. 

What is Liveworksheet for Guide to

Liveworksheets serve to transform traditional paper forms category email list into an interactive and self-correcting exercise called “interactive worksheets” . Students can complete them online and send their answers to the teacher. It’s good for both students (more motivating!) and teachers (because correction will take less time). Additionally, these new technology-based educational updates offer sound effects, video clips, etc., meaning every student has more than just an empty page when they complete work. They can even complete the work while listening attentively. Advantages of Liveworksheets Create interactive sheets in a simple way. Create personalized interactive notebooks with up to 1000 cards. 

How to create interactive liveworksheets

It is very easy to create interactive Mailing Lead liveworksheets. You only have to: Upload the document (pdf, doc, jpg…) to the platform. The document is converted to an image. Now you will have to draw text boxes on the page and include the correct answers. You can also create drag and drop type exercises, to make the sheet even more interactive. The student will have access to a wide range of questions with explanations and step-by-step procedures to solve them. You can also add to Google Classroom and share on Whatsapp.

The 10 university courses with the most job opportunities in 2023

What career to study in The 10 university 2023? What careers have the most job opportunities in Spain? Below you have a list of the. Therefore, careers and courses with the most job opportunities in Spain. If you take advantage of the summer to look for information about the most interesting university courses to study, in this post you will learn about the 10 courses with the most job opportunities in Spain in 2022 that will help you. Therefore, know what to study if you are still in doubt. You will also see what the job opportunities are for each one and the average salary to choose clearly. To document this article, several specialized websites and one of the most recent reports published by the Spring Spain employment portal were analyzed.

Business administration and management The 10 university

ADE is the career with the most job demand in Spain top industry data since 2014 , and everything indicates that this will continue to be the case. Currently, more. Therefore, than 11% of job offers published for university students require this qualification, a percentage that has been increasing in recent years. It is also worth noting that this qualification not only allows you to work for a third party, but is also ideal training for people who are considering starting their. Therefore, own business. Beyond this, some of the ADE job opportunities are : administrative, financial and accounting areas, being able to access high-demand positions such as portfolio. Therefore, manager, branch supervisor and commercial director. 

Careers in Labor Sciences, Labor Relations and HR

Year after year it repeats its position as the Mailing Lead third career with the most future in Spain , with 4.1% of the offer for university graduates, finding the. Therefore, majority of them in the community of Madrid. In general, people who study this career usually work in the human resources department of various companies, performing document and people management tasks. The average salary of a. Therefore, human resources director is usually around €3,000 per month. So Science careers are always one of the most interesting to study. 

ClickUp 2022 tutorial how to create an account and how this app works

In this article ClickUp 2022 tutorial
you will see what ClickUp is , what this tool is for, its advantages and how clickup. Therefore, app works in 2022. Step-by-step tutorial to start using this platform. This productivity platform will help you perform different options to create tasks, assign projects and communicate with your team from one place. And if. Therefore, you add to this software the possibility of integrating with a wide variety of third-party tools. Therefore, such as a Google spreadsheet or Zoom, you will realize that this platform is designed for you . We start the Clickup 2022 tutorial.

What is ClickUp and what is it for ClickUp 2022 tutorial

The ClipUp task manager works on a subscription industry email list basis: free and paid. Through an. Therefore, attractive, simple and intuitive interface, you can perform some of the functionalities that I am going to explain to you below, and in the image below you can see more than 200 functionalities that ClipUp offers you. Best project management tools ClickUp Features: Create your projects, organize departments or assign work. Therefore, through spaces, folders and lists. Assign customizable tasks. You can create subtasks within a task and be able to verify which processes have been completed. View your projects and work from 15 different modes that the. Therefore, tool offers and stick with the one that is. Therefore, most comfortable for you. Automate your day-to-day work. Choose pre-designed templates depending on your need. 

Advantages of using ClickUp

The benefits of using ClickUp for your company Mailing Lead are several, among them we can highlight: It’s free : It offers a free version so you can try its features, without having to spend money. Affordable prices : Their payment plans start from $5 to $19. Personalized plan : If you have a large company and. Therefore, the fixed plans do not suit you, they offer you a plan tailored to you. Improve the internal. Therefore, communication of your work team. Your entire team is centralized on the same platform.

Spain captures a large haul of 29 statuettes at the prestigious LIA Awards

The LIA Awards has the reputation of being one of the most prestigious creativity competitions in the advertising industry. Its latest edition has been extraordinarily lavish in awards for Spanish agencies. Which have won 29 statuettes this year at the famous festival . The most successful national agency at the LIA Awards 2022. Whose jury met this year in person in the city of Las Vegas, was David Madrid. Who has won a total of 14 metals (4 gold, 3 silver and 7 bronze) . The Madrid agency’s “Even More Confusing Times” spot for Burger King. Has been awarded two golds and two bronzes in the Online Film and TV/Cinema categories. Has David Madrid’s campaign for Burger King Meat also been widely decorated at the LIA Awards.

Four awards have also been obtained by the CYW agency

Meat Burger King Meat Burger KING top industry data A campaign by David Madrid for Burger King. Made up of three graphics ( “A Dog’s Name”, “Hydroalcoholic” and “The Wrong Message” ), has also made its way into the list of winners of the LIA Awards. Has been awarded a gold. a silver and a bronze in Print. David Madrid’s track record at the LIA Awards is completed by the pieces “Scratchboards” for Activision (a gold in Ambient & Activation). Even More Confusing Times” for Burger King (a silver in Radio & Audio). Keep It Real Meals” also for Burger King (a bronze in Ambient & Activation). If you do not see the . The second most awarded Spanish agency at the LIA Awards has been McCann Spain.

The second most awarded Spanish agency at the LIA Awards

Which has managed to bag five Mailing Lead awards (a silver and a bronze in Branded Entertainment, a bronze in Digital, a bronze in Integration and a bronze in Social Media & Influencers) for the “Stuck in the 90s” campaign for IKEA. If you do not see the embedded video correctly, click here For its part, Cheil Spain has managed to win four statuettes (one gold in Health & Wellness, Therefore, two silver in Health & Wellness. One silver in Health & Wellness – Craft) for the work “The Battle Inside” for CRIS Contra el Cancer. If you do not see the embedded video correctly, click here Four awards have also been obtained by the CYW agency. Therefore, which shone at the LIA Awards with the advertisement “An Unlikely Friendship” for Prime Video. Therefore, which has won four silvers in the Music & Sound and Production & Post-Production categories. 

LEGO boasts more than 300 new features for this Christmas with collections

The LEGO Group is already preparing for the 2022 Christmas campaign and has set out to reach more boys and girls than ever. And this year the company has celebrated its 90th anniversary. More than nine decades fulfilling the objective of bringing learning through creative play to more and more boys and girls. Imagination, creativity and skill come together in the more than 300 new features that LEGO proposes this year. Characterized by a great diversity of themes that fulfill the purpose of every boy or girl finding their ideal toy. To this end, the LEGO Group invests efforts every year in product innovation. Creating play experiences that capture the interest of children and adults. Important set launches and notable collaborations with iconic brands. In addition to great bestsellers, continue to inspire children and adults this year to continue developing their creativity to build a better future.

A fun collaboration with Nintendo

Faithful to the values ​​of the global brand category email list campaign “Rebuild The World” . To achieve this, LEGO enters the 2022 Christmas campaign with a catalog that will excite its followers and win over new fans. And the LEGO Group portfolio continues to emphasize diversity. One of the main values ​​of the brand that seeks to identify and touch all the interests of an increasingly heterogeneous audience. Regardless of their origin, age, sex or condition. A successful strategy that has led the Group during the first half of 2022 to increase its consumer sales by 17% compared to the same period in 2021. Something especially relevant when 25% of the Group’s profits are dedicated to social work. from the LEGO Foundation.

LEGO is committed to sustainability

Great news from the 2022 catalog The first Mailing Lead of the lines that children like the most is LEGO City. An entire universe dedicated to recreating a city in which boys and girls can enhance their creativity and imagination through role-playing. In addition, it is complemented by LEGO City Stuntz. The collection that expands the universe of LEGO City. Bringing to the game roles and dynamics that are experienced in real urban space. And it incorporates motorized stunt shows into this universe. Offering boys and girls over 5 years old to fantasize about action and adventure. An injection of adrenaline at the controls of acrobatic motorcycles that work with inertia. That are ideal for crossing launch ramps, obstacles, sets of fire flames and all kinds of challenges in different scenarios.

UPartner Media is committed to the incorporation of Noelia Fernández

UPartner Media recently announced the incorporation of Noelia Fernández as Chief Operating Officer of the agency. After spending more than 20 years working at OMD. This action emerges as a magnificent opportunity for the agency to enhance collaboration with clients to offer solutions aimed at the growth of their business. Using the experience of a profile as complete as Noelia’s. For this reason, we have arranged an interview with the expert with the aim of knowing in depth the reasons why she has decided to carry out this change and the objectives she sets in this new stage. 1. From your point of view. What has been the reason for the change from going from a multinational to an independent agency.

What will the strategy that you are going to carry out

Speed in the face of change and adaptability industry email list are absolutely essential to respond to the business needs of our clients. Many say that it is time for the indies. Independent agencies have less machinery to move. For this reason they are able to adapt more agilely: they are used to change and change is strongly engraved in their company culture. Personally, I have always enjoyed having the ability to be involved in multiple aspects of the business. Without being defined by a title or position. This gives much more room for growth both individually and in general in the company. Since the beginning of UPartner Media. The agency has been able to evolve and grow independently.

What objectives are you going to incorporate from now on

While in large conglomerates Mailing Lead positions and hierarchies are highly structured and more rigid. Agencies like ours manage to organize themselves optimally with account, digital, strategy. Technology and creative teams that often work on the same projects. This way of working is not only efficient in terms of faster deliveries for the client. But also enhances collaborative environments between different disciplines and specialties and is what I see at UPartner Media. Many times. This diversity in work processes generates a very high quality operation and allows for a much more relevant impact throughout the entire value chain, which is much closer to the brands’ needs. 

Product Pros Join the Club

It is a fact that often tends to be buried in oblivion. But 80% of adults contract the human papillomavirus at some point during their lives. This year’s traditional Christmas greeting from Publicis Groupe focuses precisely on this fact (which does not, however, renounce laughter). As usual, the Christmas greeting from the French advertising holding company is led by Arthur Sadoun and Maurice Lévy. The CEO and the chairman of the supervisory board of Publicis Groupe respectively. But on this occasion the two leaders of the French multinational do much more than congratulate Christmas and fool around a bit . 


As with other Product Pros Christmas greetings

Lévy and Sadoun rehearse the video with which they are going. Congratulate their employees on the holidays and the first refers category email list to 2022 as “a magnificent year for the group. ” However, Sadoun decides to put Publicis Groupe’s prosperous figures over the last year in the background to promote awareness about the human papillomavirus and put a few figures about this virus on the table. In response to Sadoun’s bubbling of data on the human papillomavirus. Lévy also contributes his own figures (such as that 80% of phones that do not work have previously. Dropped down the toilet or that 43% of pilots have they ever fallen asleep in mid-flight).


Publicis Groupe's Christmas greeting

While Sadoun and Lévy exchange information on the most unusual topics (which go beyond the human papillomavirus), a third guest Mailing Lead enters the scene: the actor Michael Douglas (survivor, like the CEO of Publicis Groupe, of throat cancer ). When Douglas enters Lévy and Sadoun’s office. Publicis Groupe leaders discuss the need to spur awareness about the human papillomavirus vaccine. Douglas, by the way. Doesn’t seem to be too happy about Lévy pronouncing his last name so completely wrong (and he lets the Publicis Groupe executive know this). 

Product Excellence Exposed

The Experience Company, the Product Excellence world’s leading self-service video technology. Platform that empowers publishers to own their video. Content and monetization strategies. Has announced a new partnership with ID5 , the industry’s leading identity provider. digital advertising. To provide its advertising partners with a privacy-compliant solution for identity targeting. While increasing the value of publishers’ video inventory on the EX.CO platform. Since integrating ID5 technology, EX.CO has seen a 15% increase in overall cost per mile (CPM) across its demand partner network.


We are already seeing Product Excellence significant CPM growth across

ID5’s solution enables advertisers to reach users across all digital publishing environments without the use of third-party cookies. Thereby industry email list increasing the addressability of video inventory and maximizing revenue for publishers. ID5 technology is fully compliant with all global privacy regulations and includes data leak prevention. By adding ID5 to its technology stack, EX.CO can help publishers maximize the value of their video ad inventory, increase bid requests, increase revenue. Prepare their business for a cookieless digital world. “Adding ID5’s cookieless identification technology to our technology stack allows our publishing partners to bring added value to media buyers.


We are proud to partner with EX.CO as part of this transition

EX.CO’s self-service platform offers a one-stop shop for publishers to maximize business growth through a full stack of video, video monetization, data Mailing Lead collection, ad serving, subscription growth, content generation. Interactive experiences and other solutions that are currently used by hundreds of digital publishers around the world. The partnership with ID5 signifies EX.CO’s continued commitment to helping publishers grow not only today. After third-party cookies disappear from the digital ecosystem for good. “Results like these demonstrate the value that the cookieless present offers and the role that universal identifiers, such as ID5, play in enabling publishers to access this value.

The Product Industry Pulse

Nestlé , one of the main companies The Product in the food sector, announces that in mid-2023 it will stop broadcasting advertising on sweets and sugary drinks aimed at children under 16 years of age on television and the internet, including social networks, starting July 1, 2023, in all markets where the company operates. With this new decision, Nestlé will not be able to promote products such as biscuits, sugar, chocolates, drinks with added sugars and ice cream to children under 13 years of age.


Nestlé For The Product Healthier Kids

Nestlé highlights that since 2017 it has managed to reduce added sugars in its products by 5.1%. This initiative, and the decision to stop top industry data promoting this type of products to children under 16 years of age, is linked to the Nestlé For Healthier Kids program , which, as Nestlé points out, has made more than 80 million children better aware of good nutrition and healthy lifestyles. of healthy life. Several countries, including Spain , have a law in force that prohibits this type of advertisement, but the company has voluntarily adopted this measure regarding advertising.


Nestlé is one of the first food and beverage companies

Voluntarily adopt such strict standards ,” the company Mailing Lead noted when announcing this new marketing policy. In the United States, several companies have chosen to stop promoting these types of products to consumers under 13 years of age, except for those that meet self-regulated criteria in the sector of advertising of foods and beverages for children. Additionally, Nestlé undertakes not to request or collect information about minors, and will only collaborate with influencers who are over 18 years old.

Written privacy policy that reflects how

The question that raises my doubts is whether the employer really has the purposes of processing vaccination data? In my opinion, the above-mentiond considerations lack a separate purpose for the processing of employee data by the employer in the entire vaccination process at the workplace. Activities relatd to the processing of personal data are carrid out in practice on behalf and for the purposes of the mdical entity.

Their personal data A clear and well

All the circumstances indicate that in the process. Of vaccination against Covid-19, the employer acts as a processor acting on behalf Latest Mailing Database of the mdical entity. There is also no justification and no reason why the employer would keep information in its resources which of its employees was vaccinatd against Covid-19. There is a risk that the employer, processing information about the employee’s vaccination for his own purposes, may violate Art. – the principle of data minimization.

Latest Mailing Database

To find out to whom they transfer

The processing of information regarding the employee’s health. May be classifid as inadequate to the circumstances. And purposes of Mailing Lead processing. The information obtaind from clients shows that the two largest healthcare. Entities on the private market use two different models. One of them requires concluding. An entrustment agreement with the employer. The second, in turn, firmly believes that each is a separate administrator and will not conclude any entrustment agreement. As you can see, the situation is dynamic. And developing, and the divergence of views. And models at the moment is really large.

Term tactics Have you ever wondere why

Typically, users retweet images of a Nutella cake or Oreo milkshake without realizing that this type of viral ad is often create in collaboration with bloggers or is create directly at the advertising agency on behalf of the brand. Sometimes viral advertising takes the form of touching stories about a brave employee of the company or infographics showing interesting facts about the brand. Viral advertising – how is it done? Viral advertising most often spreads organically. Marketers who choose communication channels and strategies have an impact on the spread of content only to a certain extent. Does that mean it’s not worth trying.

Some customers develop strong relationships

On the contrary! You nee to create good, interesting content with viral potential , and even invest skillfully in Google Ads or social meia advertising to promote this content. Then the chance that users will spontaneously pass them on increases. Viral advertising Latest Mailing Database also nees to be fast. Here again, mobile content marketing agencies from the network or your own employee who understands social meia have an advantage over a traditional meia house. We all associate advertisements create on the basis of a trendy slogan, but with a delay of many months. Then the effect may be just the opposite of the intende one.

Latest Mailing Database

With certain brands At the heart

It can cause indifference or even worse: embarrassment of the viewer who sees a clip today referring to the IceBucket Challenge or a meat hegehog.The company also nees to consider who the new customers are. He can then engage them with a specific Mailing Lead brand message. Possibilities of market expansion strategy Answering the following questions will help you determine whether this strategy is worth considering for your business: – Which markets are you currently targeting? – What other markets exist for your products/services? – Which potential markets are easiest to reach.