When you get hold of these three things,

You can spend an infinite amount of time planning the visual look, so in our situation it is important to know how to prioritize. I think the three most important areas to start with are

Everything else can be developed based on them. Your logo doesn’t have to be world-changing, as long as it’s clean and readable, its colors match your color scheme and your company’s attitude. The goal is to create a package that feels cohesive and suits you.

We can take, for example, the graphic look of UKKO.fi: our logo is just our name written in a nice-looking font and in one of our brand colors or in white without any frills. Our color scheme is to use the same colors as our logo, and our communication is colors and the illustrations are cheerful and happy. The portraits and illustrations in question are more than what the average small business owner needs, but even without them, with a little effort and attention to detail, you can already create something very professional.

Below is a small list of other areas that may be useful for you.

  • Fonts:  Use one or two font families that stay the same in your company’s communication. It creates permanence and recognizability in your look. Remember to choose something that works in as many different contexts as possible. If you want, you can use special fonts from time to time, but leave them as a rare power tool.
  • Websites:  Online visibility is very important nowadays. Your pages don’t have to be big and complicated, but it’s easy to add your contact information, a few pictures and a simple description of your company to ready-made WordPress templates, for example. This way, potential new customers can search for your phone  Benin Phone Number List number, for example, if they want your services.
  • Premises : If you have customers visiting your premises, or if you drive a car to your customers – these are part of their image of you. At least keep them clean, and if you still want to strengthen these areas, you can add, for example, tapes describing your company or your logo somewhere visible. All surface area available to you and visible to others can be useful if used correctly!
  • Side note:  Business cards, pens and various leaflets and other notes may seem superfluous, but they are often a very cost-effective way to spread awareness about your company. Please make sure that such products have your company’s name and preferably also a phone number and website address!

Practical instructions for creating and developing a look

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If you can afford it, ordering the look from a professional is of course an easy solution. The expertise and price of different companies and  Mailing Lead designers can differ greatly, so it’s worth comparing options. Important aspects are the price and the work they have done in the past, and it is usually easier to think of good solutions together with a nice designer.

A modern and easy way to get a logo at a reasonable price is sites like  Fiverr  or  99Designs , through which you can collaborate with graphic designers found around the world. If you end up ordering work from outside, it’s still worth thinking about the things below in advance so that you get the end result you want.

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