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In other words, the grassroots approach can really give your content a powerful voice, not to mention legs that eventually help it find an even larger audience.

Successful marketing efforts of any kind always start with careful planning and a firm foundation they can grow from on an ongoing basis, and grassroots marketing campaigns are no exception. 

Here’s what you need to know to develop winning campaigns that get results.

1. Learn all there is to know about your target audience

Although it’s always important in marketing to know your target audience intimately, it’s nonnegotiable in grassroots marketing. 

Keep in mind that you’re targeting a small, highly specific group of people in the hopes that they’ll be moved enough to spread your message far and wide on your behalf.

How to Run a Successful Grassroots


The content you serve them had better be something exceptional. Make sure it fits the bill by doing deep research on your audience. 

What do they care about most? What types of content do they most readily share across their own social media channels? 

Then, use what you learn to create content business phone list they won’t be able to resist. Knowing your buyer persona might help a lot with this.

2. Tell an incredible story

Nothing helps a content creator connect to an audience like a great story. 

Stories draw people in, take them on a journey, and stir emotions throughout the entire process. 

Great grassroots marketing content should seek to do the same, so it’s time to put on your storyteller’s hat. 


Just be sure to frame your

Are they parents who want the absolute best for their kids? Create content around the idea of healthy, loving child-parent relationships. 

Are they environmentalists who care deeply about healing our world? Try weaving a compelling narrative around sustainability. 

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and consider what might inspire you to smash that share button yourself.

While it’s true that part of what you want with a Mailing Lead grassroots campaign is for it to spread and perhaps even evolve into a movement, keep in mind that it never starts that way. 

All good grassroots campaigns begin with tiny groups of people, so identify who those people will be and focus all your energy on them.

Remember, the idea is to activate this initial group and inspire them to act further on your behalf, so the goal here is to get them to share and discuss the content. 

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