How To Consolidate Your Website Content For Solid SEO Growth

Then, trust the power of word-of-mouth recommendation to carry it even further.

Not only is the average modern consumer’s attention span growing ever shorter, but people are getting busier. 

They also have tens of thousands of marketing messages vying for their attention every day. 

That said, putting together amazing content for your grassroots campaign isn’t enough on its own. You still have to get people to stop scrolling long enough to give it their attention.

That’s why grassroots marketing content should include powerful, eye-catching visuals whenever possible. 

Not only do options like photos and videos keep your content from getting lost in the shuffle, but they make your content more shareable, as well.

Include a Call to Action

Naturally, you know your grassroots campaign is all about inspiring action, but your audience isn’t psychic. 

So what exactly is it that you want them to do? Are you looking to get them to purchase a specific product, donate to a cause, or perhaps simply share the content? 

Tell them that explicitly with a clear, compelling call to action.

People like being told what they should do. Calls to buy telemarketing call list action help you accurately communicate your wishes to your audience once you’ve successfully captured their attention. 

Of course, they do the same for people who will see that same content in the future, as well.

Great Examples of Successful Grassroots Marketing Campaigns

Want a better read on what world-class grassroots marketing looks like in action? Check out these legendary examples of how to do it right.


Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity’s underlying mission is all about the belief that everyone should have access to affordable, decent living environments. 

Their “Use Your Voice” campaign was meant to mobilize young people and raise awareness, and it did an excellent job of both.

Use Your Voice quickly became the non-profit organization’s most popular video that year. It was also created with easy sharing in mind. 

HRH’s various affiliates could add their own custom Mailing Lead URL to the end of the video to direct viewers toward their local chapters. The video itself even wound up dubbed in several different languages.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Before this iconic ice bucket challenge, many people were not aware of ALS, but that was far from the case after. 

The challenge involved tagging friends on social media and challenging them to create a video of them getting a bucket of ice water dumped over their heads. 

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