Voice branding – how does it really work?

It’s that time of year again, when shopping centers and markets play Christmas tunes and elves jump. For many people (including the undersigned), hearing Christmas Voice branding  carols on trips to the store is just as painful, but a large part of them, at least consciously, do not pay any attention to the car market’s song catalog.

Finnish shopping centers have also started thinking about shopping experiences through soundscapes in recent years. The purpose is to bring to shopping paradises, stores and restaurants the kind of sound that makes the customer feel better and buy more. A carefully made soundscape change can indeed increase customer retention and bring even

This article talks about voice branding for companies and entrepreneurs; 

When you start talking about voice branding, the first thing that comes to mind, at least for many non-marketing people, are the familiar voice slogans or voice logos that contain various combinations of speech, music and other sounds.

Who wouldn’t immediately recognize, for example, the fast food chain’s rhythmic I’m lovin’ it theme tune?

Sound branding is, however, a much  Belarus Phone Number List more comprehensive thing than the store’s background music, the restaurant’s optimized song list or the Voice branding succinct melodic crystallization in advertising videos. All of these are, of course, parts of, but speaking of voice branding in its full meaning means much more.

what is it and what isn’t it? Many have already heard the term

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Voice is used or can be used in various channels and meeting points with the customer. In addition to the aforementioned sound logo and background  Mailing Lead music, sound elements can be various advertisements and commercial songs online or on analogue Voice branding advertising channels, sounds of organic video publications on social media channels, switchboard queue music, soundscapes in offices or waiting areas, trade fairs or, for example, in the service’s mobile application. So voice is one way  to manage a company’s brand.  Sounds pretty versatile, doesn’t it?


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