Good exGamples are Kesko’s orange plus balls or Instagram’s square-shaped pictures.

Here’s a list of different power tools that you can use to refine your visual appearance even more. However, remember to use these in moderation .Because if your communication is full of power tools and nothing else, they can easily drown each other out.

Repetitive shapes create rhythm and recognizability

  • When using photos, make sure that their quality is good enough. Images with too low a resolution look grainy and amateurish, and images with faded colors won’t convince anyone.
  • Today, you can get high-quality images on the Internet for a reasonable price ( Shutterstock ) or even for free ( Unsplash ), although when choosing them, you should take care that your images are not too obviously mass-produced. You can find landscapes and imagery familiar to Finns for free on the page  Pictures of Finland .
  • Self-taken pictures often create trust, so you should use them whenever possible.
  • Research has shown that people looking directly into the camera are effective attention grabbers.
  • Humor is good! It’s easy to get serious when thinking about your own work, but if you put people in a good mood, positive images will easily connect to your company. However, please make sure that your humor is done in good taste.
  • People can also be put in a good mood with, for example, beautiful pictures or cute animals.

And above all, remember that you learn by doing.

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A few good ideas compatible with each other are often

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This is how you can get a job in the creative field – Jobs in the creative field

Inner entrepreneurship is an attitude that makes a company flourish

In creative matters, you should  Mailing Lead remember that you can break the rules as needed, as long as you know why you are breaking them. So while I’ve suggested one way to approach creating a visual look here, it’s only a starting point. After you have a good starting point, it’s worth going through your previous decisions anyway, and see how they fit together.  more effective than a couple of excellent details that have nothing in common.


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