UPartner Media is committed to the incorporation of Noelia Fernández

UPartner Media recently announced the incorporation of Noelia Fernández as Chief Operating Officer of the agency. After spending more than 20 years working at OMD. This action emerges as a magnificent opportunity for the agency to enhance collaboration with clients to offer solutions aimed at the growth of their business. Using the experience of a profile as complete as Noelia’s. For this reason, we have arranged an interview with the expert with the aim of knowing in depth the reasons why she has decided to carry out this change and the objectives she sets in this new stage. 1. From your point of view. What has been the reason for the change from going from a multinational to an independent agency.

What will the strategy that you are going to carry out

Speed in the face of change and adaptability industry email list are absolutely essential to respond to the business needs of our clients. Many say that it is time for the indies. Independent agencies have less machinery to move. For this reason they are able to adapt more agilely: they are used to change and change is strongly engraved in their company culture. Personally, I have always enjoyed having the ability to be involved in multiple aspects of the business. Without being defined by a title or position. This gives much more room for growth both individually and in general in the company. Since the beginning of UPartner Media. The agency has been able to evolve and grow independently.

What objectives are you going to incorporate from now on

While in large conglomerates Mailing Lead positions and hierarchies are highly structured and more rigid. Agencies like ours manage to organize themselves optimally with account, digital, strategy. Technology and creative teams that often work on the same projects. This way of working is not only efficient in terms of faster deliveries for the client. But also enhances collaborative environments between different disciplines and specialties and is what I see at UPartner Media. Many times. This diversity in work processes generates a very high quality operation and allows for a much more relevant impact throughout the entire value chain, which is much closer to the brands’ needs. 

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