This is very important in sports. Every athlete would like the best results to come when he needs them. A precisely defined time horizon will allow you to plan the implementation. So you need to estimate how much time you want to swim these 10 pool lengths. You’re not going to wait another five years for that, are you?

An example of a SMART goal

Learning to swim is just one example. For comparison, I’ll show you another example of a weak and brilliant goal.

Poor goal: I want to improve my English

This goal is not very specific. Think: how will you measure your progress with such a goal and how will you evaluate the improvement? What will be a sufficient level? When? And what does “improvement” actually mean to you? Is it repeating the same sentences with better pronunciation of individual sentences, or is it reciting foreign poetry in the original?

Instead, set yourself a SMART goal

Until December 31st, I will be able to maintain a basic conversation like introducing myself, the weather or my interests with a native English speaker. I will not use Polish during this conversation. (If you know English and are learning another language, such as Spanish, you won’t be using English during the conversation.)

This goal is specific – you know exactly what you need to learn and how much time you need to evaluate your success. The plan is ambitious bece Latest Mailing Database areause you know that at the moment you don’t know enough words to talk freely for five minutes. Now you are able to have such a conversation for only a minute without trying to go back to English or explain in Polish what you want to say. You’ve also chosen a specific date, so the goal is time-bound. Perhaps this deadline is a planned trip to work abroad and you will need this skill to find a job.


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Keeping New Year’s resolutions is no easy task. However, there are a few tools and ways that will help us look at our to-do list at the end of the year with a smile.

When planning 2021, make sure you have clear and achievable goals. Divide the big ones into smaller stages and use the snowball effect when you successfully comphuha Mailing Lead pralete smaller tasks. Remember that every small success fue

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