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Ya Allah! I surrender to You and I entrust all my affairs to You and I depend on You for Your blessings both with hope and fear of You. No one can escape from You, O God! I believe in Your Book that You have revealed to Your Prophet that You have sent’. And if you die that night, you will die in faith. Make the above words your last words (before bed).

— Bukhari

2. Witr prayer before going to bed
There is a misunderstanding that night prayer (circumcision prayer) and witr can only be performed in the last third of the night before Fajr.

This causes many people to become discouraged and not try to do it.

In fact the time for night prayer and witr can start after Isyak until dawn

Aisha narrated:

The Messenger of God performed the witr prayer Whatsapp Mobile Number List at every part of the night, at the beginning, middle and end of the night. However, he will finish his witr before dawn”

— Bukhari and Muslim

The truth is, it is better if one can sleep and wake up again at 3:00 in the morning to perform tahajud and witr prayers .

But if this feels heavy, I recommend that we start the night prayer (circumcision prayer other than tahajud) and witr before we go to sleep, even if it is only two rakats of circumcision prayer and three rakats of witr prayer.

Prayer before going to bed will add more relaxation and calmness before we go to sleep and make it easier for us to fall asleep.

Abu Hurairah narrated:

My friend Prophet Muhammad SAW has instructed me to do three things

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Three days of fasting every month, two rakats of Dhuha Mailing Lead prayer and performing witr before going to bed.

— Muslim

If you do not know how to perform the witr circumcision prayer, you can refer to this complete guide regarding the witr circumcision prayer
3. Prayer Before Sleeping
Prophet Muhammad SAW has taught us special prayers to read before sleep which reminds us that sleep is a relative of death.

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