Guide to Liveworksheets in Spanish how it works and is used in 2022

It is recommended that you enter the platform and look Guide to at all the cards and notebooks that the platform offers or try creating interactive cards so you can see how simple and easy it is. Then you send those cards to a small group of students as a test and ask them for feedback, so you see if they are receptive to this type of content and you can draw your own conclusions about what types of cards they like best. I hope that if you did not know about this tool, you will be encouraged to explore it and create more dynamic exercises for your classes in order to improve interaction with your students. Did you know Liveworksheets. 

What is Liveworksheet for Guide to

Liveworksheets serve to transform traditional paper forms category email list into an interactive and self-correcting exercise called “interactive worksheets” . Students can complete them online and send their answers to the teacher. It’s good for both students (more motivating!) and teachers (because correction will take less time). Additionally, these new technology-based educational updates offer sound effects, video clips, etc., meaning every student has more than just an empty page when they complete work. They can even complete the work while listening attentively. Advantages of Liveworksheets Create interactive sheets in a simple way. Create personalized interactive notebooks with up to 1000 cards. 

How to create interactive liveworksheets

It is very easy to create interactive Mailing Lead liveworksheets. You only have to: Upload the document (pdf, doc, jpg…) to the platform. The document is converted to an image. Now you will have to draw text boxes on the page and include the correct answers. You can also create drag and drop type exercises, to make the sheet even more interactive. The student will have access to a wide range of questions with explanations and step-by-step procedures to solve them. You can also add to Google Classroom and share on Whatsapp.

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