In the worst case, you spend your precious time

If you want to get a better idea of ​​your annual clock, you can draw it, for example. Typically, the annual clock is visualized as a circle, but you can just as well draw a timeline. After drawing the “frames”, you can start placing events on it, for example in this order:

  1. Such special days and seasons that apply to everyone in general, and which you want to take into account in your social media in some way (such as Easter, Midsummer, Christmas or Independence Day)
  2. Events and theme weeks that you have planned to participate in – those whose dates are already roughly known (such as Slush, Pride or the Helsinki Book Fair)
  3. Your company’s birthdays or other milestones, the date of which is already known
  4. Possible launches of your product or service, the timing of which has already been preliminarily thought out
  5. Your planned vacation time
  6. Actions that you have planned to take during the year – such as customer surveys or an annual review

Some years old example

After this, the rough outline of your  Bahrain Phone Numbers List annual clock can look like this, for example:

As mentioned, you can, of course, still modify your year clock afterwards when different dates or schedules become more specific. For example, once a month you can always review the upcoming month, and make additions and clarifications to it.

4. Track the results and learn from them

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It’s easy to forget to follow up! When a small  Mailing Lead entrepreneur has taken some action on social media, he may hastily move on to other responsibilities and new plans; in particular, individual posts are forgotten after publication, and they get lost in the depths of social media. In this case, the review of the results may not be complete.

However, tracking and measuring results is just as important as content production for social media; through it you will learn which actions have worked and which have not, and whether doing social media is at all useful for your company. If you don’t look at the results, you won’t be able to develop your actions on social media either.  over and over again on things that are of no use.

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