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The annual clock helps you take note of important moments and think about campaigns and other content in advance. With it, you can build contents well in advance of their actual publication and place each publication at just the right time. The annual clock causes you to not post whatever happens and when it happens, without a clear purpose.

This is how you create a social calendar

The annual clock should be drafted at the end of the previous year (we at UKKO.fi, for example, were diligently planning the communication annual clock on the eve) or at the beginning of the year. At this stage, it can of course still be a rough plan, and you can make a lot of changes and additions to it later.

With regard to special days and theme Bahamas Phone Number List weeks, think about which of them you want to take on board and take a stand on. Here again, consider the quality of your target audience and the values ​​of your company.  Pride week or Women’s week to your own business (even if you share the values ​​related to them), you don’t have to forcefully think about what to publish in connection with them.

When thinking about the content of your company’s annual calendar, consider the following:

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Also remember to set aside enough time for  Mailing Lead social media; the ideation and implementation of various publications take their own time. Remember to reserve enough for this as well, so that you don’t have to do everything at the last minute and in a hurry. Please note that versioning content for different channels also takes time.When you also mark in the annual calendar the times when you have planned to take a vacation, you can prepare for those breaks well in advance. You can therefore plan publications for these points and schedule them: this way your social media channels will remain active even during your vacation.


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