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Add services Add the services you provide here, including non-standard ones listing of the services provid on the profile in Google maps Professional and comprehensive positioning Check out our >> OFFER << on SEO . Add a business location In the next step, complete the fields for basic contact details, such as country street with number, zip code and city, Phone number, a website address. adding the company’s location in the business card adding address data in the Google business card If your work consists mainly of performing services at the customer’s home, you are a household appliance repairman or a plumber saving the house from flooding, select.

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Yes, I also serve customers outside my location. Otherwise, choose the second option adding directions to the customer in the business card If you Phone Number List choose the first option, you will also be able to choose the area in which you provide services entering the areas in which we provide services The last step is to enter your main telephone number along with the website address. If you do not have one company website or online store does not exist, select “I don’t ne a website” or select the option to create a simple website for free bas.

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On the add information providing company contact details in Google services Google My Business Listing Verification After filling in all the necessary information, you can proce to the verification stage of the Google My Business listing. business Mailing Lead card verification There are ways to verify your business card via text message, phone call and by post. Unfortunately, in the case of a newly creat business card which has not been in the database so far, you can only choose to verify it by letter. In this case, the waiting time for a postcard with a verification code is about days.

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