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These portals are highly trust by the Google search engine, which means that Google automatically downloads data from them to its database, automatically creating a business card for a given company. So before adding it, use the Google search engine. If you find your GMF business card, it it, do not create a new one with the same address – otherwise Google will block it, considering it a duplicate of an existing one Find a business on Google My Business If you didn’t find your company, go to “Add information” about your company” add your business information on google my business . Add company information In the next step, Google will ask you to enter the name of your company.

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Here, enter the exact name, possibly using a keyword that best describes your business. entering company name for google listing . Select an activity category Enter the category of your business here. You can’t add a new one yourself, so B2B Email List if you have trouble assigning a category, choose a more general one. Remember that this is not a place to list the services or products offer, but only to indicate in which industry you operate. So if your company offers services relat to the removal of swirl flaps, disabling adblue, start-stop, the category of your activity will be “Car tuning workshop.

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The list of available categories will appear after you start typing the first letters selection of business categories in google my business The category of activity is of great importance in displaying the business card for specific inquiries from Internet Mailing Lead users. Therefore, if a user from your city enters the search query “chip tuning” in the Google search engine, your business card will be display to him. It is one of the ranking factors of the Google My Business listing.

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