Future View of Apple’s Advertising Area

It may have gone somewhat unnoticed on the radar. Future view but The Financial Times recently reported. That Apple is preparing to substantially develop its advertising area in the coming years. Now, how do we know if Apple hasn’t said anything publicly? According to LinkedIn, Apple has more than 200 openings for its ad platform. Which would nearly double the size of its current infrastructure. It’s estimated that Apple likely earned $5 billion in ad revenue in 2021 and could grow these sales to more than $30 billion a year by 2026.

Some background Future View

Do you remember the iOS 14.5 update from about a year ago? This update allowed iPhone and iPad users to block executive data third-party apps such as Facebook and prevent them. From tracking and monitoring user behavior on their mobile devices. Until then, this had been Meta’s secret sauce, and as a result. The update dealt a severe blow to its ad sales. In 2022 alone, it is estimated that due to the update Meta will lose more than 10 billion dollars.

The Apple advantage

Unlike Meta or Google, Apple has the enormous commercial advantage of owning. The infrastructure of its entire ecosystem Mailing Lead of products. They also do an excellent job of retaining their customers with new products and services. Whether it’s hardware or software (Safari, The App Store, Apple Maps, Apple TV, Apple Arcade). Apple owns all of this user data and doesn’t rely on third-party cookies or permissions to obtain it.

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