Web3 and the changing digital environment for business

Do you get dizzy just hearing about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and metaverse ? All of them Web3 and are part of the so-called Web3, and that is where the future lies. During a recent Springboard event. Dan Monaghan spoke about the new wave of the digital environment Internet. As founder of WSI and Clear Summit Group. Dan is a widely recognized thought leader in the technology and digital marketing environment. Therefore, who could guide us better than him. On the importance of protecting brand intellectual property in an increasingly digital environment?

Back to the future the evolution of Web3

A company’s website was at the center of its digital marketing strategy. As time went by and technology grew. Many new company data platforms and elements emerged (such as Facebook , LinkedIn, and Twitter ) that began to add content to websites. Web 2.0 emerged when users began to take advantage of these tools and add content to the web. In the middle of Web 2.0. Those who generate and curate content leverage the knowledge of the masses, to achieve more accurate (and therefore valuable ) content.

The demystification of blockchain digital environment

That’s where blockchain comes into the picture. Decentralizing everything so that there is no longer a central database Mailing Lead owned by a single entity. By eliminating Web3 and intermediaries, blockchain transfers. The power of control from entities to all parties in the network. And since the nature of the blockchain is inherently transparent. Parties can see what is happening within it. This means that users will no longer rely solely on trust. But will be able to verify themselves.

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