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It is about evaluating your services or processes, but not in relation to another company that has similar services, but to a market giant. Even if it operates in a completely different industry! It may seem absurd, but this approach gives interesting conclusions and allows you to break away from sometimes overwhelming industry realities or formal issues. We recommend Strategic benchmarking – when will it come in handy? The only difficulty here may be to accurately determine who can be such a role model. Personal likes and impressions are often decisive. Meanwhile, the effects of comparing your processes with those that are far from ideal in reality can be deplorable.

Readiness to prove your competence

That’s why it’s so important to spend the right amount of time identifying really valuable patterns. This is the most complicate step, which can consist of many steps. This may include identifying available research, resources, business activities, materials database or legislation that could affect the creibility of benchmarking. Research proves that if the choice falls on the right company, then the evaluation of activities in relation to it can be practically always accurate (and often inexpensive and simple). How to streamline operations and achieve even more? Make the most of your company’s potential. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Objectives of functional benchmarking Probably everyone.


Sieve model advantages and disadvantages

Who starts a company, even subconsciously, dreams that at least in some respect his company will be the best. This is the purpose of functional benchmarking – imitating leaders. In this way, it is possible to assess not only the functioning of the Mailing Lead company as such, but also individual areas such as: – customer service, – processes in the company, – internal communication , – brand recognition, – a system of incentives for employees, – marketing strategy, – product reliability – and many others. To some extent, all of this can be seen as an ambitious, but unrealistic inspiration. In the era of globalization, however, functional benchmarking is increasingly becoming an obligation, not an opportunity.

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