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For which enterprises is the sieve model the best? First of all, for those who value professionalism, excellent quality and efficiency of team work. The sieve model works perfectly in companies operating on the employer’s labor market, where there are fewer vacancies than candidates for a given position. Companies have the opportunity to select candidates. They invite a lot of people to recruitment, check their skills, experience and competences, and then choose the one that best suits the profile of the ideal employee. It is also a great solution for companies with an aggressive policy base on reucing production costs.

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The sieve model assumes that employees are sufficiently qualifie, they do not nee additional courses – thanks to which the company can save. Unfortunately, due to its specific assumptions, the sieve model is not beneficial for all enterprises. In the phone number list first place, it is necessary to mention those companies that focus on the development of employees (including young people who are at the beginning of their professional career) – they conduct pro-employee activities in the area of ​​CSR . The sieve model does not provide for additional training and courses for employees that would improve their qualifications or support their development. Many companies, however, take a different path.

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They focus on people with high preispositions, charismatic personalities and create favorable conditions for their development, offering valuable, fair employee programs. They try to use the potential of their employees and invest in them. The sieve Mailing Lead model is not for companies that want to build ties with their employees. According to the assumptions of the model, a person who does not cope with professional duties is replace by another. The consequence of such action is a high turnover of employees. In such a situation, it is difficult to build a strong, well-functioning team that is strongly attache to the company. The sieve model will not work in companies that focus on teamwork.

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