Cross-Platform Experiences Can Help Marketing: Insights From Google Play’s Best 2021

This means that, no matter how effective a paid traffic strategy may be, natural searches are the ones that bring more visitors to your website in the end.

Therefore, we must look at SEO as an excellent opportunity to optimize our pages to strengthen this channel with a greater chance of attracting prospects.

If your company has already had a website, blog or eCommerce for some time, check your web analytics tool.

It is very likely that organic traffic is your largest channel for acquiring visitors. That’s why having an SEO-friendly web design is important.

Your website’s appearance reflects the company’s commitment

When we access a page and we notice an oversight with the choice of layout, fonts, colors, images and other visual elements, it is common to assume that the brand is not committed to providing a good experience to its visitors.

Factors That Play a Role in the Algorithm

Therefore, it is essential to invest in a quality website, with a design consistent with the company’s values and in harmony with the persona’s characteristics.

In addition to damaging the brand’s reputation, a website with a bad visual and user experience usually has an immediate consequence on user behavior: people tend to abandon that page.

It is worth remembering that this frustration does not telephone list happen only with websites that have a bad design, but also with those that have too many design elements.

Excessive functionality and images with a resolution far above desirable also make navigation difficult and increase the desire to click the back button.


What is Email Bounce Rate

When Flash was at its peak, it allowed you to create websites with effects and animations that web standards hardly allowed at the time.

The possibilities in terms of designing and developing were incredible. However, search engine robots cannot track this technology, which makes it (very) difficult to index websites built this way.

Flash is one of the most notable examples, but it Mailing Lead shows very well how the use of a technology that values only the design aspect can ruin the brand’s presence on search results pages.

 Doing SEO during website construction avoids rework

As SEO consists of optimization, it is common for companies to leave this step for later, when the web design or even the entire website development is already done.

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