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Between natural and paid referencing, social networks and social media advertising or even emailing: it is sometimes hard to make a choice. Especially when it comes to distributing your budgets and efforts to create synergy between all your digital actions. Our agency helps you develop your webmarketing plan and implement it if necessary. The objective is really to invest in the means of capture offering the best return on investment for your e-commerce.

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Each company finds on R.O.I in different positions, it will depend new database on the strengths and weaknesses of your company as well as your market. In fact, the levers used will be varied: Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads advertising are generally safe bets. Google Ads advertising, in shopping, search or display is also a must. You obviously have to think about your SEO strategy, natural referencing allowing you in the long term to free yourself from advertising efforts.

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 Finally, e-mailing generally offers excellent results. In corporate communication plans, digital has become a must. It is now the object of significant budgets and it works largely in the notoriety of the company. This does not mean that web Mailing Lead communication is mastered by companies devoting a large budget to it. Because platforms are constantly evolving and the simplest solutions are often the least relevant, we bring you expertise in digital communication.

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