When should you use inbound marketing

Become a world class digital marketer 3) Attracting new talent to the marketing team It’s no secret that there’s a shortage of digital skills worldwide. Our whitepaper in partnership with The Economist Group highlighte the fact that success in marketing comes when you combine technology and talent. This CMO report found a drastic shortage in talent. particularly in these key areas: Data analysts General digital marketers UX designers Martech CX specialists PPC specialists Search marketing It’s no surprise that the majority of these roles focus on enhancing customer experience or improving visibility in an increasingly competitive online space. What’s interesting is that amongst the specialties of PPC. CX and data analysis. general digital marketing comes second on the list as a desire talent.

The Hospitality and Leisure sector

17 percent of senior marketers rate unlocking the power of data as their second-greatest challenge In tandem. the demise of third-party cookies means that organizations nee to find other ways to get access to latest database customer data. While first-party data and zero-party data provide an effective way to do that. companies nee to change their mindset and offer value to urge consumers to share confidential information. When aske about KPIs for 2022 and beyond. one VP of Marketing in the Hospitality and Leisure sector said it’s about “utilizing data better. (and)increasing brand awareness and customer retention.”

Integrating traditional & digital marketing

Integrating traditional & digital marketing No matter what industry you work in. there’s a nee for integration between traditional and digital marketing.  Mailing Lead come across a variety of touchpoints at all stages of the marketing funnel and nee their journey to be seamless from start to finish. As a result. omnichannel marketing is becoming more important to CMOs and senior marketers as a way to engage and retain customers.

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