The purpose of an elevator speech is to get the listener interested

To make your speech effective and memorable, use powerful words and create strong images. So that your speech is sure to be remembered,  dress it up in the form of a story. So describe in a personal way some striking thing, problem or example that everyone understands and that sticks in everyone’s mind.

Also get to know your target group so that you can direct your speech to exactly the right audience. If you have several target groups, at the same time make different versions of the speech for each group. You must have a goal that you want the speech to achieve, that is, you must think about the goal according to each audience.

The topic you are talking about so that he wants to know more about it. The listener wants to hear how you would solve his specific problem. So create a hook in your speech that you can use to arouse the listener’s interest.

Practice plays a key role even in spontaneous speech

Start building your speech by writing different descriptions of what you do. Try to present the idea of ​​your service in as many different Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List ways as possible. Try to find at least a dozen different perspectives.

As already stated above, the story is what sticks in the mind. So write a short story about how your service or product helps your customers.

Also write down the goal of your speech, i.e. what you are aiming for and  what you want to influence.

Once you’ve decided on your goal, create a series of sentences or statements that will get the listener interested enough to act on your goal.

Next, write the first or several versions of your elevator pitch. Make use of everything you wrote down earlier and stop only when you are satisfied.

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When you have finished writing your speech, you still need to practice it. Someone should record or record the speech and then listen to it  several times. Try Mailing Lead  and read your speech directly from the paper and compare it to the version told in your own words. When the essence of the speech and the form of the story have been properly remembered, you can focus on honing the style and details of the presentation. The purpose of the speech is to convey your own genuine motivation.

Practice and preparation are an important part of giving a successful and impressive elevator speech, although it’s really more about natural storytelling. However, you cannot succeed even in a spontaneous speech without preparation.

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