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For this, we will carry out workshops with your teams, we will build personas and we can orient ourselves towards complete Inbound Marketing or Growth Hacking strategies in order to give a real course to the digital presence of your company. The implementation of this web strategy Once the battle plan has been established, our teams will help you achieve it. Whether it is to manage Google or Facebook advertising campaigns,

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 To animate your social networks or to develop a real editorial special data platform on your website, our internal resources will work to transform your projects into reality. You will then have access to each of the experts working on your project and you will be able to discuss with them the implementation of the various actions. Optimization, reporting and discussion of your digital communication Throughout the implementation of your actions, and more specifically at their terms, we will provide you with all the information necessary to draw conclusions about these actions.

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 How many people you reach, how many quotes does it generate, so many questions that will be answered in order to precisely measure the return on investment of your actions. The goal Mailing Lead is of course to learn from these actions in order to make them ever more effective and profitable for your company. Because yes, for example, even social media can be measured precisely in terms of ROI. Vendée and Nantes web communication agency

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