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What are points As we have already seen elsewhere, the GDPR is legally binding and therefore extends. The scope of protection and control to any company that collects or processes. EU personal data, even if the company may or may not be bas in Europe. The influence of the GDPR in email marketing lies in the definition of personal data. Any information that could be us, alone or in combination. With other data, to identify an individual is consider personal data. Which means that you collect from. A registration form authorizes your company to be bound by GDPR policies. Doing email marketing with the GDPR essentially means collecting freely given, specific, inform and unambiguous consent.

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Profiling or prospecting activities also fall within the scope of the GDPR from its clear definition. Of subject rights, the GDPR has strict requirements that must be respect. How can I do email marketing with GDPR? Do an audit of your current database Do you know geographically. Where your contacts are from? Do you have the right legal information of your contacts and how did you acquire them. Have you follow an optin activity seo expater bangladesh ltd express consent. Do you track where your contact information comes from. How did they end up in your database. Have you record enough information about the legal permission given by your contacts.

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Your data management practices Do you ask for consent at the time of data collection? Do you have a robust privacy policy that explains in Mailing Lead detail how you collect, store, transfer and process your data using clear and concise language? Do you communicate the privacy policy effectively to recipients. Plan your upcoming marketing initiatives as best as possible to ensure new contacts are GDPR compliant right away. We recommend that you consider GDPR compliance right away so you don’t have to retroactively go back to contacts to adjust processes

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