Even for Someone Who’s Not Good at Talking

I wish i could talk to people in relaxed, easy way,” they think, and a fair number may decide to learn techniques for stimulating good conversation.

So, how can one become good at making conversations?
There’s an old saying:

Good talkers are good listeners.”

Good conversationalist are not fluent speaker or those with fine voice; they’re not skilled performer.

They are people who know how to listen skillfully to what others are saying

For example, we all know people who are Database very talkative, who are never at a loss for a things to say, and yet who make everyone else feel awkward and uncomfortable when they join in a conversation.

People like that may be good talkers, but since they don’t want to hear what others are trying to say, they monopolize and ruin the conversation.

On the other hand, there are people who are not very comfortable talking and yet are quite well liked.

Other people tend to seek them out for conversation or invite them to dinner.

These tend to be people who are good listeners.

People will say, “when i talk to him, he listens very intently” or “talking with her makes me feel peaceful and calm”.

Such people are good listeners even if they are not good at talking from their side


So then, how can we become good listeners?
Nodding is an important part of being a good listener.

There are various techniques, but the simplest Mailing Lead way is to nod from time to time as one listens to the other person.

Nodding is a simple movement of the head up and down, but doing it or not makes a big difference.

This has been proved in psychological experiments.

A psychologist named Matarazzo tested the effects of nodding in conversation in the following way.

He observed how the frequency of a person’s utterance during a job interview increased or decreased depending on whether the interviewer nodded frequently or infrequently as he listened to the interviewer speak.

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