Does Being Rich Make Us Happier

Property is like oil to a car.

The more oil we have, the further we can go in a short time, without having to stop at life’s gas stations.

Oil does not give us happiness; it gives us the freedom to move.we are the same with money; it still does not give us happiness. It just gives us more freedom in life choices..
How can a person’s maturity be determined?
Does a person’s maturity come at a certain age? Will we mature at age 20, 30 or 40?
What determines the characteristics of a mature person?
Maturity is hard to explain..

In general being mature is defined as behaving like an adult

In my experience, maturity is not defined by age.

How we respond to the environment is Database what shows maturity.

I have seen a young person who is much more mature than his actual age, and I have also seen adults who are still childish, only thinking about themselves.

— As human beings, we are always growing and learning.

I am sure, all of us must have felt ashamed and regretted by our bad attitude in the past.

This is what constitutes maturity.

Learn from the experience and don’t repeat the same mistakes again


What are the characteristics of a mature person?
1. Maturity is when we stop putting “Ego” in response Mailing Lead to criticism from parents and those with more experience.

How many of us raise our voices against parents or teachers just because they give a different view than us?

2. Maturity is when we realize that privacy is important. Not everything in our lives needs to be displayed on Facebook.

3. Maturity is when we stop living the dream, but instead try to live the dream.

4. Mature is when we stop browsing the internet without any purpose.

Browsing the internet should be like shopping with a list of items, it should be purposeful.

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