Communication and business goals for the brand

Team analysis We talk to teams in the company to get to know their work system. Pain points and the specifics of each team. Marketing research We carry out personaliz research, usually in the form of a survey and in-depth interviews, the analysis of which will allow us to precisely define the problems and expectations of your customers. We are looking for insights and curiosities on which we can base strategic recommendations. Business development strategy Defining strategic goals for the company Indicating strategic goals for the business and selecting KPIs as part of the new strategy. Your company’s marketing strategy. New brand positioning.

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Development of BIG IDEA for the brand Development of brand architecture bas on new strategic goals of the brand. Building brand value and its key distinguishing features. Brand image identification Recommendations regarding visual identification, changes in communication, adjusting the image to the new whatsapp mobile number list positioning of the brand. Color and linguistic  suggestions . Strategic recommendations As part of the recommendations, we develop a list of actions that are worth taking in order to achieve a new positioning, which was develop during the construction of the brand strategy. Sales recommendations We build recommendations for your company regarding sales processes, marketing funnels and sales funnels, all in response to your goals.

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Recommendations regarding customer acquisition We build new Buyer. Personas for your company, describe their characteristics and problems. What values ​​of your company will take care of a given area. Communication strategy (operational plan) Defining business and communication goals Indicating and selecting KPIs as part of the new strategy. Planning the implementation of changes in strategic business units. Identifying key areas for changes and Mailing Lead developing individual recommendations and change plans. Sales plan A plan of recommend sales activities and sources of customer acquisition.

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