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 We guide you step by step: here’s what you ne  to do to obtain the adobe aca certification (= adobe certifi  professional). 1. Choose the exam location search for the location to take the exam: you can find us as espero among the authoriz  certiport centers via the locator at this link . From january 2021 it is also possible to take the exam online from your own home: contact us for more information . 2. Sign up for the aca adobe certifi  professional exam aca certifi  status demonstrates your knowl ge of a particular software.

Which means there are 7 different aca exams

 Each aca exam is design  to test your knowl ge asia email list and skills in one of the applications. Which means there are 7 different aca exams. You can then choose the program on which you want to get certifi  . Here is the list of available exams: • visual effects and motion graphics → adobe after effects aca • animations on various platforms → adobe animate aca • web development → adobe dreamweaver aca • graphic design and illustrations → adobe illustrator aca • printing and publishing on digital m ia → adobe indesign aca • visual design → adobe photoshop aca • digital video → adobe premiere pro aca you can also choose the date: with us you will find an exam session approximately every three months.


Get officially certifi by adobe once you pass

 3. Take the adobe certification exam come to our milan office Mailing Lead and take a computer test of 40 theoretical and practical questions on the program of your choice on mac or windows. You will have 50 minutes and you will be ask  to perform tasks directly from the application you select . To pass the exam you must obtain an overall score of at least 75%. And it’s done. 4. Get officially certifi  by adobe once you pass the exam. You will receive the adobe certificate and the guidelines for using the aca (adobe certifi  professional) badge which you can include in your cv and on your social and web channels.


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