What is the difference between work

Therefore, The climax of artificial intelligence (AI) has generated a debate about what the future of work will be. Many people are worried about what is coming, for example. Whether or not robots will replace people, while others are taking the opportunity to revolutionize their work lives. To better understand the panorama, let’s review the past a little: This is not the first transformation that humanity is. What is the experiencing in relation to work. In the mid-18th century, the Industrial Revolution meant an economic and cultural development of great impact for society. Therefore, The appearance of machines powered by inanimate energy mechanized work, large factories were born and people had new. Employment opportunities thanks to the fact that the industry evolved by leaps and bounds.

What is the future of work

The future of work implies changes in the productive. However, Dynamics that involve everything from technologies  and their evolution to demographic aspects. The role of workers and company data employers. The structure of organizations and other aspects related to the labor market . The concept can be overwhelming. As it encompasses a wide universe. So let’s exemplify it to understand it better. A decade ago, it was unthinkable that employees could work from home . The workforce had to go to the office and comply with a schedule. Currently, in Latin America alone, 23 million people work remotely . This is something that was not seen coming and that the COVID-19 pandemic made possible. However, Now, the task is to find a way to keep this working and feasible for companies and people.


What is the work before and now

In 2001, a television series premiered in the United Kingdom. In conclusion, Which a few years later was versioned in the United States. It is The Office . This production Mailing Lead showed, in  a comedy format, what a company  is like behind closed doors. In conclusion, It was a success! If The Office were filmed today, many things would change. Meetings in the meeting room today would probably be on Zoom , printed reports on the desktop would have to be digital and through an executive dashboard, to name just a few examples. We tell you this so that you have an idea of ​​how in a short time the changes have been so significant. So, let’s see what work was like before and now.

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