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Age declaration, without verification – may be sufficient when the risk relatd to data processing is low, the use of algorithms and/or artificial intelligence to detect the age of users and whether their behavior is consistent with the declard age, cooperation with the age confirmation service provider – there are entities on the market that allow verification of the registration data providd by the user. email address, address of residence, age, name and surname, etc.

Data storage how to withdraw consent

Basd on various databases, mainly public, in order to confirmation of the veracity of this data and the age of the person to whom they refer, information phone number list from another confirmd user – enabling the creation of a confirmd adult account, who can then create sub-accounts and confirm the age of children, technical measures a question about entering the year of birth instead of age and limiting the possibility of changing the declard age after providing it, hard evidence. scans of documents – here you nd to take into account the risks associatd with data processing so as not to process them excessively.

phone number list

Minimization the principle of limiting

The British supervisory authority indicates at this point that the data obtaind solely for the purpose of confirming the age of a given Mailing Lead person may not be subsequently usd for other purposes. For example, if when setting up an account it is requird to enter the date of birth in order to verify the age, then knowing this date cannot be usd to send birthday wishes along with a promotional offer.Pursuant to the Act of 4 October 2018 on Employee Capital Plans, every organization that employs at least one person subject to compulsory retirement and disability.

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