Algorithm Changes Enacted in Early

Algorithm changes enacted in early 2019. For example. Have reduce consumption of borderline content by . Youtube defines borderline content as content that doesn’t quite violate community guidelines but is harmful or misleading. Violative content. On the other hand. Is immediately remove. This issue affects creators. Who fear accidentally running afoul of ever-changing community guidelines. Or being punished with strikes. Demonetization. Or worse. Former CEO Susan Wojcik said one of youtube’s priorities in 2021 was increasing transparency for community guidelines for creators. It also affects brands and advertisers. Who don’t want their name and logo running alongside white supremacists. Meanwhile. American politicians are increasingly concerned with the societal role of social media algorithms.

Safe to Say You Found It Interesting

YouTube and other platforms have been summoned to account for their algorithms at senate hearings. And in early 2021 democrats introduce a ”protecting americans from dangerous algorithms act.” next. Let’s talk about what we know about how this dangerous beast works. How does the youtube algorithm work in 2023. The youtube algorithm in 2023 delivers distinct recommendations to each user. 

These recommendations are tailored to users b2b leads interests and watch history and weights base on factors like the videos’ performance and quality. When deciding what to recommend to each user. The youtube algorithm takes into account the following: what videos have they enjoyed in the past. If you’ve watched a 40-minute video essay about the flags of the world or gave it a like or comment.

YouTube and Other Platforms Have

It’s probably safe to say you found it interesting. Expect more flag content coming your way. What topics or channels have they watche previously. If you subscribe to the food network’s youtube channel. The algorithm will likely show you more cooking content. What videos are typically watche together. 

If you watch “how to change a monster Mailing Lead truck tire.” and most people who watch that also watch “monster truck repair 101.” youtube might recommend that as followup viewing. That’s why a millennial comey-fan design-writer mom has a home page that looks like this: example of youtube homepage with video recommendations of course. Youtube wants to recommend relevant. Quality videos to each of its precious users.

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