Add These 15 Demand Generation Tools to Your Marketing Strategy

Their “Share a Coke with a Friend” campaign is an ideal example, as even people who don’t usually drink or buy Coke couldn’t resist buying a can with their name or the name of a friend on it. 

Coke eventually expanded the wildly successful campaign to include custom-designed military themes and more, each designed to appeal to a different section of their target audience.

In 2014, in an increasingly stagnating economy, Target realized that while college students spend quite a bit of money on back-to-school supplies and similar items, they weren’t buying enough of those things at Target. 

Realizing these young people represented their future core customer base, the discount giant decided to take action.

Target ultimately leveraged the power of shopper marketing via their “Back to College After-Hours” shopping events. 

They also built a unique Bullet University customized web app around students’ needs to help streamline the buying process. 

What is the Concept of Demand Generation

The campaign was a huge success, driving sales from younger demographics through the roof and giving a new generation of shoppers a very positive impression of Target.

And these are just two examples of how cold calling scripts for bankers brands can use research and creativity to reach their target demographics better, establish customer loyalty, and fatten up their bottom lines.

Wrap Up: Positive Shopping Experiences Result in Lifelong Customers

These days, customer experience is everything in brand-building and marketing, both online and offline. 

The more accessible and positive you can make the experience of learning about, buying, and using your products, the more lifelong loyal customers you’re going to have.

Ready to jump into the online world

Think back to the last time you stumbled upon a piece of web content that changed the way you felt or thought about a topic — something that made you feel genuinely seen, heard, and understood. 

Did it empower, motivate, and inspire you when it comes to something important to you? The chances are excellent that it did.

And if there were products, services, or brands Mailing Lead attached to the content in question, you probably left the experience feeling pretty great about them, as well. 

You may even have eventually made a purchasing decision that reflected those feelings.

That’s the power of grassroots marketing at work, and you can use it to give your content production the same kind of power.