You should be mentally prepared for networking in places

It is worth working on this whenever the opportunity arises. Go to various events in your field, where you can chat with new people and share your business card! Get active on LinkedIn as well, and feel free to send contact requests to interesting people.

Other than those intended for it. You  Iran Phone Number List never know where and when you will run into potential customers, clients or partners.

So prepare a good elevator speech, because you can end up increasing your network, for example at a family party or in the checkout line at the store!

Also remember that networks are not only useful for sales. Through them, you can get support and friends who can be of help to you in case of possible setbacks.

Decision of the first gig: billing

When you’ve finally secured your gig and completed it, it’s time to make sure the agreed upon salary hits your account! You can estimate your earnings through our income calculator even before you start pricing your work. If you need more detailed information, please contact our customer service .

This is how to get a gig in a nutshell! Don’t be discouraged, even if the beginning seems bumpy. The operation does become easier as experience accumulates.

We wish you luck and good luck with your entrepreneurial journey and hunting for gigs – you can do it!

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Ronja is a content producer and business  Mailing Lead name entrepreneur who gets excited about social phenomena and the new winds of the changing working life. With her writing. Ronja wants to help skilled creators get started in entrepreneurship.

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