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Of course, typos once in a while don’t hurt – I myself slip them into both social media updates and articles every now and then – but if they are constantly in your publications, they negatively affect the credibility of your company. In addition to correct language, your written publications should also be clear and understandable. at least check your longer texts before publishing, because it is often difficult to spot errors in your own writing.

Also, remember that working on social media requires activity – not only in terms of publishing pace, but also in terms of communication. So don’t forget to respond to the comments you get from your followers on your posts. In addition, follow interesting profiles and like and comment on their social media posts as well!

 Annual social media calendar – why is it worth doing?


Producing high-quality content for social media regularly requires its own time. What kind of resources do you have at your disposal – do you Azerbaijan Phone Number List take care of social media yourself, is it the responsibility of one of your employees, or does an external entity do it on behalf of your company?

This way your company gets visibility and customers can find it easily. However, if there are not enough resources, you should invest well in at least one or two of the most important channels.

What is the voice of your brand, and how should this be conveyed through social media

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Publications.  Think about the style of  Mailing Lead the posts according to. Whether your brand’s voice is more matter-of-fact and understated or edgy and playful.

Remember that even though social media works as a marketing channel. Your publications should not consist of only advertisements and the style should not be too salesy anyway.

Take this into account in your publications.  Information or entertainment to your target audience.

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