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It is also possible to publish both pictures and videos in Instagram stories. This functionality is very similar to another social media service, Snapchat. In stories, you can add text, location tags, emojis and gif animations on top of posts; you can also draw on them and you can choose music for their background. Both your own stories and those of other users appear at the top of the Instagram homepage.

Instagram stories or “stories”

The special feature of Instagram stories is that Sweden Phone Number List  they are visible to other users only for 24 hours. After this, your own stories are saved in the archive, which you can find in your profile. However, you can leave your stories visible if you save them in the highlights of your own profile .

A single story can be up to 15 seconds long. Longer videos can be added to the stories, but then they are automatically cut to 15 seconds.

Instagram Live

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You can also shoot live video broadcasts on Mailing Lead  Instagram. It is visible in the stories, and you can also save it to your highlights after the broadcast is over. The live function can be used to present any kind of content, but live broadcasts are especially well suited for filming various events, tutorials and Q&A-type videos.

Instagram reels, on the other hand, are very similar to TikTok. It allows you to publish and share 15-second videos made up of several short video clips. Videos can include music and various special effects.

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