With these 5 easy marketing exercises,

Especially for Finns, it is often difficult to say out loud that they are good at something. In order to find new customers, however, you should often be able to tell it.

Even now, someone is looking for the service you offer, but will they find you?

In order to fix this issue, we collected Italy Phone Number List  five easy exercises in this article, with which a small entrepreneur can get started in marketing and can be found more easily in the search for a potential customer. So go through these exercises first, set aside enough time for them and think about what feels like the most natural way to market your own expertise. You can even do one exercise a week – this way they don’t take too much time from your core work.

List 5 things in which you are better than your competitors

The purpose of this exercise is to think about which things you can use to market your own product or service. In marketing, it is important to first think about what things you do better than others.

The first step to doing this exercise is to think about who your competitors are.

You may already have a clear idea of ​​the competitors, or you may have to look for a little information online. If you operate locally, your competitors may be entrepreneurs in the same field in the neighboring block, if you, for example, have an online store or work as a consultant, your competitors are also online and offer the same type of products or services as you.

For example, find four or five competitors that you will learn more about.

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See what products or services they offer and compare them to yours. Are yours better quality, more versatile or better in some other way? Also  Mailing Lead look at the price.Do you offer the same service at a lower price than your competitors – or have you perhaps priced your product more expensively because you use domestic, high-quality materials?

Things where you are better than your competitors can be related to the content of your service, the materials of your products, safer or faster deliveries, your more comprehensive expertise or your better customer service. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think about what your customers value most. If thinking seems difficult, you can call a couple of your customers and ask them why they chose you.

Concretely list on paper or in a word processing program five things in which you are better than your competitors. You will use these in the next exercises, so keep them on display!

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