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Most potential customers. between humans and When your ads artificial intelligence. We guide the AI ​​in terms of interests and behaviors and the AI ​​filters people bas on those. Then we look at the results in terms of whether were reaching the right people and doing the right things. It is constant reaction and learning. It is also good to remind here that paid social mia marketing must always be relat to your business activities. Here. too. it is good to set reasonable marketing goals. Its a completely different thing if youre selling expensive machinery to industry versus clothing to consumers – so one can expect conversions every week.

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while the other is less likely. So goals and set them in paid social mia b2b email list marketing as well? Well. thats a whole chapter of its own. but well be happy to help you with that. Also check out the free buyer persona workbook . which will help you get start in buyer persona work. Dont aim for a 100m sprint. aim for a marathon Whether you are a representative of the B2B or B2C industry. digital marketing is at its best when it is not a tactical pursuit of conversion.

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But a priority and long-term results and now Im campaigns. but about doing the basics. Few months are the same as the last. The last few years Mailing Lead have also shown that even comparing the last few years to each other is difficult when the corona pandemic and the general world situation affect everything . The whole is what counts. I also dont mean that you should hide your head when you have a bad month. Digital marketing is constant reaction.

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