When you have a suitable community in mind,

We just put creativity into play, but next we just need sit muscles and a systematic approach to work. We call potential customers and ask if they need your products or services.

This exercise starts with a contact search. Who is your typical customer? Are they entrepreneurs, business decision makers or individuals? First, define exactly what kind of people you should contact: you should start thinking by thinking about what kind of person needs your product or service and would be willing to pay for it. Collect a list, for example, from YTJ’s company search or from the number service of your own locality.

Exercise 4: Call 20 potential customers

Next, set aside one working day to make phone calls. Have your note-taking equipment ready. During the call, first ask the potential customer’s Netherlands Mobile Number List  need for your product or service. If he wants to buy: great! If not, ask in more detail why. Does calling strangers sound difficult? Get inspiration from top sellers’ tips !

Carefully write down the reasons you hear for why your product or service is not interesting or relevant. At the end of the day, think about what you could do to eliminate the reasons you wrote down. Write down these observations as well.

What did you learn from this exercise? As a result, you may have one or more new customers or a list of measures to improve your own operations after a day of calling.

Exercise 5: Talk about your skills in the entrepreneurial community

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Our last exercise is to present ourselves in some social media entrepreneur community. In entrepreneurial communities, you  Mailing Lead  network with other entrepreneurs, ask for advice and present your own activities. They are an opportunity to create new contacts even for a small entrepreneur, and you can get involved with little effort.

Why is networking important for an entrepreneur? Find out.

The first step in this exercise is to find the right community for you. You can find help with that in our article, where we list the most important social media communities for entrepreneurs .

check the rules to see how it is appropriate to present yourself in the community. In some you can advertise your own products with a low threshold, but in others advertising is prohibited and in those cases you should aim for something other than directly increasing sales.Defining the goal is important in this exercise. As an entrepreneur, it is worth being present on social media, but mere presence is not enough in itself – publications must always have a purpose, a goal towards which they take you.

Your goal may be to get contacts from interested community members or to increase sales, but also, for example, to find new partners or increase your visibility and recognition in entrepreneurial circles.

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