What should an entrepreneur put on his LinkedIn profile

In LinkedIn, the profile shows other users’ name, picture and a short clip of their own headline , i.e. the title. The purpose of the title is to tell other users briefly about your own expertise or, for example, your work situation; the entrepreneur can also present his own product or service in it.

However, many people make their title very generic or mysterious so that it doesn’t really say anything about them. An entrepreneur should have a title that makes people interested in him – and at the same time in the service he offers.

You should treat your LinkedIn profile not only as a resume, but also as a digital business card.


You can tell people there a lot about your skills and, as an entrepreneur, also about your business activities.

It is worth noting that people nowadays Brazil Phone Number List  are quite lazy to look for information themselves. All relevant information should therefore be conveniently available; otherwise people will easily lose interest. If a person visiting your profile can’t find any information about you and your company, they will probably go back to browsing their own LinkedIn feed.

So if you are an entrepreneur, clearly state in your profile what benefits you could offer to others . Feel free to include your own contact information as well. It’s easy to message people on LinkedIn, but many interested customers would rather call the entrepreneur directly. If this possibility is not available, many customers will not bother to contact us at all.

No matter what your business is, you can find plenty of customers on LinkedIn!

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It’s just important that you make yourself easy to find and reach.

3. Should a sole trader prefer to use his personal  Mailing Lead account or create a separate business account?
When it comes to a one-person company, it is more profitable to start branding on LinkedIn as a person than as a company.

In LinkedIn, a certain product or service is personified by the entrepreneur who offers it, and it is easy to build this personification in addition to business activities with the help of your own profile and publications. It is therefore perhaps better for a sole proprietor to start building his own personal brand on LinkedIn and act as the face of his company.

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