What is the Role of AI Influencers in Digital Marketing Strategy

What is the One of the main characteristics of AI influencers is amazing, but at the same time, worrying: their perfection.

Real influencers are “people like us”. Although What is the they propagate an ideal of beauty and lifestyle on social networks, which is much  nowadays, they are vulnerable.

They can make mistakes, argue, be  — simply because they are human. On the other hand:

AI influencers tend to be perfect

These influencers’ appearance and personality traits are meticulously  to meet specific objectives.

You Can Create Their Personality From Scratch

You have the power to build an influencer with authentic characteristics and stories, instead of looking for someone that looks like the persona you want to meet.

You can also design tailored What is the strategies and telephone lists actions for brands without relying on the limitations of a real influencer.

You can even create influencers that don’t look like humans — mascots, for example, can be influencers. For brands, this is valuable and opens up a wide range of possibilities for actions.

In any case, the freedom of creation has limits. After all, the personality of the virtual influencer needs to be coherent, so it is not possible to think of extravagant ideas that deviate from their usual behavior.

The virtual influencer does not exist alone

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They have a team behind them — usually a media company that manages their “career”.

So, every action goes through negotiation with the company, which also defines the guidelines and possibilities.

What Explains the Phenomenon of AI influencers?

AI influencers may still seem like a very distant idea — even a bit delusional, right?

You may be wondering what kind Mailing Lead of  madness society is living in when a character that does not even exist can be so influential in people’s lives.

But the truth is that these characters What is the do exist in people’s lives. Human beings are capable of relating, feeling empathy and even treating robots like people.

We interact with the world. Through our bodies and behaviors; therefore, we can interact socially with things that are not real.

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