What is the best way to get visibility for your own publications


Please note that your salary must not fall below the statutory minimum wage in your field. In any case, underpricing is not worth it. Because in the end it does not help. Anyone in your industry, but leads to an unfavorable. Cycle for everyone. On the other hand, it’s. Worth noting that if you’re a beginner, you can’t charge the same price as a guru who has been around. For several years and has earned a reputation.

Take into account all the expenses incurred for the work in your invoice amount. Unfortunately, many do not, for example, want to invoice their customers for the value added. Tax added on top of their expenses.  In the invoice amount in order for the work to be profitable.

Perhaps the most important rule in pricing your own work is “don’t underprice”.


The big advantage of all social media channels is that you can bring out your own personality really well. And specifically, personality is an Canada Phone Number List  important part of a personal brand.

On LinkedIn, building your own personal brand takes place through what kind of publications you make, how you react and comment on others’ publications, and what you make your own profile look like.

Both your LinkedIn profile and publications can be made to look like yourself.

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For example, if you are a squeamish person and you usually use a lot of emojis, you can make this your own thing on LinkedIn as well. Through this, you Mailing Lead  will gradually develop a certain kind of brand.

I like how linkedin has changed in recent years. Just a few years ago. It was significantly bulkier; there they mostly talked about business, and there was hardly any room for emojis. For example. Nowadays. Different people dare to. Bring their personality and thoughts out there.


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